Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hi peeps! Dah lama tak update. Takde mood nak update katanyer..

Anyways, I had dinner with Pak Matthew last night. Just with him as his partner went out to have dinner with friend and Haini was out for birthday party. It was a good dinner though. Except, he looked totally terrible. It wasnt Pak Matthew that I used to know. Dia nampak macam tidak bersemangat dan takut..Dan serabai..

Dia baru jer buat biopsy untuk something...He told me that he was nervous to wait the lab result..Sangat nervous..Kesian beliau..I wish I can help him..Ahhhh..What am I suppose to do? He is best friend of mine..
Again, I am hopeless. What I can do is nothing....Urggghhhh..

I hope he will be fine, good friend.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I just dreamt about my first love (ex love to be precise) :(
Aku sangat merinduimu cinta. Sangat sangat sangat meriduimu.
I wish I will meet someone like you again..