Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hey guys! Does anyone still reading my blog at all? Haha.

How are you? I hope you guys are fine. I am sorry that I did not update my blog for ages. I have been busy with family and friends since my trip back to overseas. Heaps of eating as well (LOL!) But now, I am back!

Anyway, I want to share this inspiring story with you guys. About a very nice person that I met here (not literally). I know this person in social networking site.

OK! Let's get straight to the point.

The person is so young yet he has a foster son. He is only 22 years old but he is willing to help some other unfortunate person and make him his foster son. Isn't that great? Who else can do that in that age? Myself? Eeeekk..To be honest I can't. I am so unreliable. Haha. I cant even take care of my cat at home (loser!). That person is so hard working that he does 2 jobs just to take care of himself and his son. That's really inspiring!

I don't think I have found this type of person back in my country (yet). It was my first time. I am inspired, of course.

Sometimes, I think that it is true that people here is more religious than the people of my religion (in my country). Yes, most of the time, they are. They are so well-mannered and kind. I found most of the things that has been told in The Book here, in this very western country.

Anyways, for the behalf of other human being, I would like to thank you. A really big thank you. I hope there are more people like him outside there.

I tribute this post to that guy and I called him Kindman.

That's all. :)

Will write more later.(I wish!)

See ya!

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